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Lean delivery of high quality software

GuideSmiths was founded on the vision that to deliver high-quality software in a timely and effective way you need a highly skilled team working directly with the customer. From this vision we have grown into a company specialising in the technical transformation of our clients architectures utilising microservices and modern agile practices. Transformation is achieved by the tools, techniques and technologies we bring to clients. We know great team dynamics and strong communication is absolutely vital to the success of any project. Our teams are pragmatic, productive and made up of highly skilled and hard-working individuals who are passionate about delivery and enjoy transforming your business. However, many of our clients demand flexibility and cost savings. In response, GuideSmiths has pioneered remote working practices, successfully establishing teams in Hungary and Spain. We deliver cost savings by ensuring the team is lean and dynamic with our management team overseeing quality and productivity at all times. Clients benefit from GuideSmiths expertise in continuous integration and our library of tools, supporting rapid and robust build and deployment processes. Everything we do is transparent to the client and our dashboards track our efficiency and progress to give clients peace of mind.

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United Kingdom; Spain; Hungary;