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Experts in Package design and Style Guides

We are Gelcomm and experts in refreshing your brand in 30 Days through our brand development product called Bold Condensed. Our passion is partnerships, big and small, with the goal of establishing loyal, lasting engagement between brands, youth & families. We are an agency of designers, illustrators, musicians, mathematicians, parents, and salsa dancers. Our diversity of background and experience fuels our nuanced, high-quality work. Together, we are gelcomm, an agency of people dedicated to communicating ideas that matter. For over a decade we have provided our partners with strategic design solutions for consumer package goods, entertainment branding, licensing, and consumer research. The cornerstone of our creative process is insight; we believe that observing and enjoying a constant dialogue with your audience will lead to rich strategies. No two brands are alike, and with every project we take on, we tailor our services to fit clients’ needs and goals like a glove. Consumer loyalty is rooted in trust, and by identifying and embracing your unique brand fingerprint, we’ll ensure that you keep winning them over.

Company Main Info

$200 - $300 / hr
2 - 9
United States