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Let's make your traffic grow.

It all started in November 2014 when three partners, each with marketing and SEO experience, founded Delante in Krakow. The last 5 years have allowed Delante to gain leading positions in the SEO and SEM services market.

Delante will provide more organic traffic to your website and therefore help you increase sales. This company specializes in SEO, which is effective in a wide range of services.

Delante is a team of 54 best experts in the area of long-tail SEO and performance-based advertising. They all have an excellent understanding of SEO principles and market specifics. Delante is constantly looking for new, more effective solutions to help you get more organic traffic to your websites.

Delante provides services such as SEO, SEO audit, SEO consulting, SEO copywriting, and PPC.

Company Main Info

$50 - $99 / hr
10 - 49
Poland; United Kingdom; Netherlands