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DataGenius Software Labs Ltd

DataGenius Software Labs Ltd

DataGenius is an innovation leader in providing IT services for companies around the world. Innovative thinking, new ideas of DataGenius experts plus efficient processes & continuous business services which they provide, let their customers keep highly competitive, productive, and profitable.

Launched in 2015 DataGenius company delivered world-class services to more than 100 companies of different sizes and fields of activity all over the world.

Here at DataGenius, you can get:

  • Functional Testing;
  • Integration Testing;
  • Regression Testing;
  • User Acceptance Testing;
  • Performance Testing;
  • Scalability Testing;
  • Security Testing;
  • Tool configuration;
  • Test Automation;
  • Automated Script Creation;
  • Automated Test Execution;
  • Test Process Consultancy;
  • Test Optimization Service;
  • Test Process Management.