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#1 Naming Agency on Clutch (2017, 2018, 2019)

Catchword is a dedicated brand name development firm that has been creating industry-leading product, service and company names since 1998. Clients hire and rehire us because we view naming not just as a creative exercise but as a critical component of brand value. Sure, we come up with cool names (some would say super cool), but not before we have a profound understanding of each client’s business and branding objectives. Whether you’re just getting off the ground or going through a full relaunch, our goal is always the same: to develop timeless brand names that resonate fully and authentically with target audiences. We believe names should be distinctive and memorable, but not different just for the sake of being different. The huge creative diversity of our naming portfolio reflects the many different cultures and business objectives of our clientele, versus a need to impose one creative style or philosophy on all. As pioneers in our field, we leverage and treasure the union of creativity and science—by which we mean expertise in linguistics, trademark and domain screening, and naming strategy—to develop lasting creative solutions for clients, even in the most competitive markets.

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