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Billing Geeks

Billing Geeks

Billing Geeks hit the market in 2001 and has managed to become a thought leader in the industry. The secrete of Billing Geeks’ success is a perfect combination of modern technologies with hands-on, engaged customer partnerships managed by real humans. What makes them geeks who best in their field is the readiness to deal with a nitty-gritty, down-and-dirty billing work. Billing Geeks’ staff does not just plug the information into a software system but rolls the leaves to tackle issues manually.

With the help of Billing Geeks, healthcare facilities can clean up their practice, get paid, forget about piles of outstanding receivables and totally concentrate on patient care.

The company provides a wide array of services including insurance verification, insurance billing, utilization review, practice analysis and compliance, A/R management and collections, training, claim management, coding, etc.

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United States