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Beyond the Arc

Data Science and Customer Experience

Transforming Business Through Advanced Data Analytics

In today’s competitive market, many companies struggle with how to strengthen customer relationships,increase revenue, and differentiate their business. How can businesses leverage vast amounts of customer data from enterprise-wide feedback channels and public sources such as social media, to meet these challenges and achieve key objectives? Solving these complex business problems through sophisticated data science and advanced analytics is a company called Beyond the Arc.

Headquartered in San Francisco, CA, Beyond the Arc is a twelve year old company that provides clients in financial services, media, high tech, and other industries with valuable analytic insights for improving customer experience and growing the business. The company combines strategic consulting with cutting edge data science to help clients set themselves apart in the marketplace, and provide their customers with a better experience across products, channels, and touch points.

In their advanced analytics services, Beyond the Arc focuses on three key aspects of data science: predictive analysis, text analytics, and social media analytics. Predictive analytics mines a company’s Big Data to identify customer behavioral patterns and emerging issues to help increase marketing effectiveness. With text analytics, they uncover customer insights from unstructured data sources such as email and call center feedback to help clients make targeted improvements. And with social business analytics, Beyond the Arc looks at millions of social media posts to help organizations identify ways to improve customer experience, increase acquisition, and build brand loyalty.

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