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A.Y. Technologies

Focused on helping entrepreneurs and startups

Software Development is a complex process that requires many moving parts working together in harmony for a piece of “usable” software to be produced. The complexity of this process is usually the source of surprises and inefficiencies in projects which result is delayed deliveries and cost overruns. These inefficiencies and surprises can be reduced if decisions are made with a better understanding of the software development process and their impact on the project. We help key decision makers of a software project make better decisions by making the software development uncomplicated. Understanding each moving part and how that impacts the overall project will give them the insight to reduce the risks of the project. Using our unique approach to software development, which is a mixture of lean software development and agile processes, we can deliver projects on time and on budget with fewest surprises possible. This enables us to increase the success rate of software projects.

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