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Armada Labs

Since 2002, Armada Labs has been honing its in-depth fintech domain expertise by delivering spot-on technology consulting and state-of-the-art software development services to industry leaders, ranging from aspiring and mature startups to Fortune 500 companies. Besides that, it'ss built some world-known fintech unicorns that capture news headlines today. 

With an international team of 220+ FTE fintech experts, the company hires only the best minds in the industry, which allows it to broaden its knowledge across multiple fintech verticals, including full-cycle loan management, smart underwriting, debt collection, payment integrations, and healthcare. AWS, Worldpay from FIS, Hydrogen, Repay, and other industry front men choose it as a strategic partner to create next-gen fintech solutions. 

To date, Armada Labs has built and deployed over 50 independent products that deliver full-scale automation of all aspects of debt settlement, credit repair, and loan management businesses. More than 80 clients use them in their daily operations, while over 20 engage with its technical services ranging from 800+ enterprise installations to complete infrastructure planning and maintenance.

Services Provided by Armada Labs:

Full-cycle software development and maintenance, Technology consulting and Prototyping, Cloud technology and Software reengineering, Startups & MVP Services

Key Clients: Koalafi, Nuula, QuickFee, Till Payments, Epic Loan Systems, Health.Finance, Paydit, Paydoff, Lending Blocks, Prime Debt Soft, Hunter Warfield.

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