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alligatortek began partnering with clients 25 years ago to develop game-changing applications. We bring deep industry knowledge to design innovative solutions for unique business challenges. We excel at building applications that drive revenue, remove bottlenecks and improve operational efficiency. We work closely with our clients to make sure that the applications we build will have a pleasing user experience and a positive impact on the business.

alligatortek leverages technologies like Microsoft Azure, the .Net framework, Angular JS, Xamarin, and database platforms to design and construct responsive web, mobile, and desktop applications.

alligatortek is recognized as a best-in-class partner, innovator and employer. We are a two-time winner of the Chicago Innovation Awards and a 2015 Microsoft Partner of the Year. Our team is honored to be a four-time winner of the 101 Best & Brightest Companies to Work For in the Nation.

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