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UI/UX Design Agencies New York

It's hard to overestimate the importance of UI UX design services in today's online business climate. Considering the high competition and the huge variety of sites, in order to make the site profitable and to attract new customers, it is very important to make a site that will stand out from the others in a positive way. 

Top UI UX design agencies New York create interfaces that make it much easier for users to interact with any computer system. The main task of the UI UX design studio in New York is to lead the guest of a web resource or an app user to a specific logical action, which should be performed in an interface as clear as possible to him.

We have collected for you a list of top UI UX design agencies New York that are the best in this field. Huge experience in the field of UI UX design services in New York and many successfully implemented projects for well-known brands have made them the best UI UX design studios worldwide, so choosing any of these companies you will receive first-class services.

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List of the top ui/ux design agencies in new york

Updated: 25 November 2022
$25 - $49 / hr
250 - 999
United States, Poland, Ireland, Ukraine, Germany, France


Andersen is an international custom medical software development company with a strong focus on technology-intensive industries. Since its founding in 2007, the company has opened 10+ development centers and 10+ sales offices around the world. More than 2,700 highly qualified specialists work on the development, customization, and integration of corporate IT solutions and web and mobile applications. Andersen has completed over 950 projects and received hundreds of positive reviews from customers around the world. Today, the company is working on over 250 projects. Its technology stack includes .NET, C#, Java, Python, PHP, Node.js, TypeScript, Golang, C++, JavaScript, Angular, React.js, Vue.js, HTML, CSS, Java (Android), Swift/Objective C (iOS), React Native, and more. The company also offers manual and automated testing, business and data analysis, UI/UX design services, DevOps services, IT security management, and L1, L2, L3 support.

Service Focus

  • Mobile App Development
  • Software Development
  • Services
  • Design
$150 - $199 / hr
50 - 249
United States, Ukraine


We are a software consultancy. Our purpose is to benefit our clients — their people, products, and services.

Our core strengths are software development, technology strategy, and UI/UX design. Our difference is a peerless capacity to safely and reliably deliver solutions on-time and on-budget.

Founded in 2002, we’re headquartered in New York City, and supported by a global team of talented professionals committed to building things of lasting value.

Benefit from our hyper-competent software development, insight-driven strategy, and award-winning design practices. Morgan Stanley benefited. As did AIG, FreshDirect, HP, and hundreds of other organizations.

Service Focus

  • Software Development
  • Consulting
  • Design
200 - $300 / hr
10 - 49
United States, Spain, Italy


L+R is an international Strategy Consulting Firm and Digital Studio. Our award-winning team transforms insights into action. We partner with corporations, small businesses, and startups to create real value and impact with the balance of strategy and aesthetics. Our interdisciplinary team specializes in strategy consulting, next generation mobile applications, and brand identity systems.

Service Focus

  • Mobile App Development
  • Design
  • Marketing
$100 - $149 / hr
10 - 49
United States


Perpetual is a software product innovation and development company based in New York city. We develop great user experiences and cutting edge software for select clients.

Service Focus

  • Software Development
  • Design
$25 - $49 / hr
10 - 49

The Story | UX Design + Web Development

We create award-winning websites, SaaS, custom software through product design and UX design since 2009. Our projects expressed by an experience in branding, sales funnels and lean management will bring your company to market success.

Service Focus

  • Software Development
  • Design

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Websites have been and continue to be one of the main sources of information on the World Wide Web, and mobile applications are joining them at a fast pace. And the first thing that users pay attention to is the design of the site or application. The quality of design determines the success of all projects. But it shouldn't only be really good-looking, the content and graphic elements should also be logically linked so that the information is correctly presented to the visitor and guides to the actions you need. All these are about UI and UX design. But first, let's start by figuring out what UI UX design services in New York are.

UX design is responsible for the functions, adaptability of the product, and what emotions it evokes in users. The clearer the interface, the easier it is for the user to get the result and perform the target action.

UI design includes work on the graphical part of the interface: animations, illustrations, buttons, menus, sliders, photos, and fonts. In other words, it is responsible for what the product interface looks like and how the user interacts with its elements.

UI design and UX design require completely different skills, but they are an integral part of each other's success. An attractive design can't save an application whose interface will be inconvenient and incomprehensible in navigation. The same as a perfectly thought-out user interface can be spoiled by an insufficiently attractive visual interface that makes using an application aesthetically unpleasant for the user. Therefore, the choice of UIUX design services company in New York should be taken very seriously and weighed.

What are the requirements for the work experience of the best UI UX design agency New York?

An experienced New York UI UX designer has sufficient skills to turn a vague idea into a reasonable reality. Such a designer may even offer a better alternative than the one you imagined. Experienced UI UX designers in New York have worked with several clients in various industries and have a unique tuned workflow that gives quality results. Experience enhances confidence and knowledge. An experienced designer understands the importance of working with you to achieve your goals. Check out how a UI UX design agency in New York is different from its competitors to fully appreciate his experience.

What should you pay prior attention while choosing a New York UI UX design agency:

Feedback from other clients will give you an idea of the future UI UX designer

The feedback conveys authenticity and sincerity and reduces any concerns you may have about the designer you plan to hire to complete the project. Feedback will also tell you about your UI UX designer's professional ethics, communication skills, and authority.

Another way to assess the level of competence of a designer is to look at his works

Ask for a link to the portfolio and evaluate each design. Check the quality, style, and other factors that meet your needs. Make sure the portfolio contains real client works. While there are designers who can do almost anything you ask them to do, you need someone specializing in what you need.

The price

Avoid attracting the cheapest New York UI UX design agency in the market if you want quality results. Experienced designers often charge more than others, but the extra cost will mean the difference between amateur and professional. However, if you have budget constraints, you may find a UI UX designer who meets your price expectations. Some top UI UX design companies in New York will charge you a fee based on the set of services you require, while others work at the general rate.

If your project depends on time, consider hiring a UI UX design agency New York from your area.

If you want to avoid language barriers or misunderstandings, it is important to hire someone who speaks your language. If you want your work to be done at a certain time, hire a designer from the same time zone as you.

We hope this short guide will help you find the perfect UI UX design services company in New York for your future project.