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Big Data Consulting Firms in New York

The data we generate grows every millisecond. Farseeing business owners understand the necessity to manage unstructured data. Today, to run a business successfully, it is essential to have useful and reliable information in your hand. For this reason, the most successful companies collect, process, and analyze vast amounts of information to reveal insights that previously have been hidden, make well-grounded business decisions, and design effective strategies and campaigns. Effective New York big data consulting services require a professional attitude. That is why big data consultants in New York are in great demand. Top big data consulting firms in New York assist businesses in big data collection, storage, processing, analysis, and visualization. First of all, they thoroughly study the company's business needs, analyze current IT infrastructure, create the most appropriate solution, implement it into the company's workflow, teach employees to use new tools effectively, and provide support.

Skills, experience, and related technical expertise in big data can significantly vary among vendors, which may confuse anyone who is looking for a trustworthy big data consulting company.

Here is a list of the top big data consulting firms in New York that transform big data into usable knowledge enabling smarter decisions and business development. Check our list of top New York big data consulting firms and find big data consultants that meet your needs.

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List of the top Big Data Consulting Companies in New York

Updated: 27 September 2023
CI&T logo
$50 - $99 / hr
United Kingdom


CI&T is a global digital specialist, a partner in digital transformation for 100+ large enterprises and fast growth clients. As digital natives, we bring a 27-year track record of accelerating business impact through complete and scalable digital solutions. With a global presence in nine countries with a nearshore delivery model, CI&T is the Employer of Choice for more than 6,400 professionals in strategy, data science, design, and engineering, unlocking top-line growth, improving customer experience and driving operational efficiency.

Service Focus
  • Consulting
Caserta logo
United States


We solve our clients’ toughest data intelligence challenges in weeks, not years.

We are strategic data and analytics advisors first, and design and build what we reccomend. Our solid track record of client success coupled with our industry-leading tech expertise ensures your project gets completed with as little pain as possible, on budget and with minimum disruption.

Service Focus
  • Consulting
DAS42 logo
$200 - $300 / hr
United States


DAS42 is a leading provider of cloud-based data analytics consulting and professional services. Based in New York and with offices across the United States, our clients include some of the world’s largest companies. We work with cutting-edge technology partners to help organizations use data to improve their operations, reduce the time to actionable insights, and empower them to make better decisions, faster. DAS42 acquired Elasticiti's team of data experts in 2021.

Service Focus
  • Consulting
Sowen logo
$100 - $149 / hr
United States


Sowen is an international strategy consultancy focused on the intersection of economic value and social impact.

Service Focus
  • Consulting
Icreon logo
$50 - $99 / hr
United States, United Kingdom, India


Icreon is a Digital Innovation Agency with a team of experts united by the pursuit of innovation that develops digital solutions for any business, whether it is a world-famous brand, a large corporation, or a startup.

At Icreon believes and follows such principles as transparency, innovation, creativity, and longevity. Icreon has 20 years of experience in building effective digital solutions. A team of 350 professionals is working on strategy development and implementation of digital initiatives that ensure long-term financial success.

The Icreon team is focused on making business more profitable, efficient, and more flexible.

Service Focus
  • Software Development
  • Marketing
  • Services
  • Consulting

Why should I consider hiring a big data consulting company in New York?

Hiring a reliable big data consulting company in New York can open up new opportunities for business development. However, partnering with a wrong big data consulting firm can lead to time and money-wasting as well as frustration. Therefore, it is better to take some time to consider things for which you need one of the New York big data consulting firms. 

What are the critical aspects that I should pay attention to while choosing a big data consulting company in New York?

The critical aspects that you should pay attention to while choosing a big data consulting company in New York are: 

  • Determining your current problem and goals 
  • Experience and expertise of the consulting company 
  • Comparing service fees and packages 
  • Considering the reputation of the consulting company 
  • Data security measures and compliance with local privacy laws and regulations 

Why is it important to determine my current problem and goals?

It is important to determine your current problem and goals as it will help you to clearly understand your issues and figure out the results you want to achieve. After that, you can confidently start to search for big data consultants with the required skills, expertise, and potential to fix your problem. 

Why is experience important when choosing a New York big data partner?

Experience is always of primary importance while choosing a New York big data partner. You should consider only competent and experienced consulting companies that have many years of experience and keep up with the latest trends and cutting-edge technology. 

Why should I compare service fees and packages?

The cost of big data consulting services in New York is one more important factor that should be taken into account. It is advised to compare service packages, experience, and an estimated value of the project of several most appropriate candidates. Ask them for a quotation regarding the project, thoroughly study it, and choose a big data consulting company in New York that offers you the best value for money. 

Why is reputation important when choosing a big data consulting company in New York?

Excellent reputation is one more thing that matters. You should study the prospective consultants' background in great detail before making a final decision. Pay particular attention to their past performance. Check New York big data consulting firms' reviews, ranks, expertise, list of previous clients, received awards and certificates, and all other factors that can help you make the right choice. 

Why is data security measures important when choosing a big data consulting company in New York?

Your business data is of the utmost importance and must be securely protected. Therefore, you should never neglect solid legal agreements between your company and a big data consulting services provider in New York. It is essential if you want to protect your data and make sure that the consultant's data safety and privacy guideline complies with your security requirements and local privacy laws and regulations.