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The Importance of a Video Marketing Strategy & Why You Need Professionals

Being a versatile, engaging, and easy-to-digest format, video marketing content and advertising videos reign supreme in today’s digital age. Not only does video for advertising provide viewers with real-life pictures of your brand but also it keeps them entertained and engaged for a significant amount of time.

Andrew Johnson

Content Manager

13 Jan 2023

Hence, the effectiveness of traditional marketing strategies is dwindling with time, meanwhile, the popularity of video content is skyrocketing. From advertising a product or service, expanding reach or raising awareness on social media, and boosting customer engagement, a video marketing strategy can help you increase all this.

However, as businesses are beginning to understand the importance of producing video content, they are using more and more of it to engage with their customers. As a result, millions of hours of video content are getting uploaded on social media platforms everyday, and everybody is vying for attention. So, it’s pretty clear that without proper optimization of your advertising video and other video marketing content, you can’t hit the sweet spot of reaching the broadest range of customers and grabbing their attention.

Here, professionals come in who have the expertise to craft the perfect video marketing strategy that will fit your business objectives. A professional video marketing agency could assist you produce video content with the most clickable thumbnails, smooth editing, and strong SEO skills to maximize the potential of your video marketing strategy. And this increases efficiency which ultimately drives sales & conversions and promotes a strong brand image. Keep on reading this article as we will discuss everything in detail on why video marketing content is booming and the reasons behind having a professional for this.

Why Does Video Marketing Content Work to Drive Business Results?

In today’s age, where the markets are fiercely competitive and making a lasting impression on your ideal customer is getting harder, do you know what impresses your consumers most effectively? Well, it's through making strong connections. Thus video marketing content enables you to connect with your customers by showing your unique value, brand image and the solution you can provide to the challenges that they're facing. But, does it really help you generate ROI?

Well, according to Wyzowl's report, 86% of marketers say that video marketing content has helped them to generate more leads while 94% of them said that video content has helped them to increase customers’ understanding of the service or product. So, video has truly emerged as the most undisrupted winner among all other content types, boosting your growth and brand visibility.

With advertising video, you create an intimate bond with your customers, help them to know more about your product and services, convince them, build brand credibility, gain their trust and boost your conversion at a rapid speed. At its core, video marketing is all about stimulating your customers with audio and visual means to get them more engaged with your content and brand. While anyone can hop onto a laptop and start making their own video content, adding a touch of professionalism can help you avoid a few mistakes in video marketing content and take you to another level to have an edge over competitors.

How Does Having Professionals Help Your Video Marketing Strategy?

There is no doubt that video content strategy is one of the most dynamic and versatile ways of marketing. As the average time spent on screen is increasing every day, it's getting harder to stay on top of the content game if you do not strategically plan and strategize the flow of your video content library. Therefore, your business needs an effective marketing strategy to thrive in the competition. While you can start including videos in your marketing strategy, more often than not, professionals are needed in order to yield the strongest results.

By working with experts, you will not only have access to their impressive creativity but also some of the best tried-and-tested methods that worked for other companies. That being said, you must understand that there’s no one-size-fits-all formula to get the success in your video marketing strategy. Rather, it’s a well-researched, comprehensive, and the most impactful strategy crafted for your own brand and business objectives that will help you scale up. Thus, there’s no better way to do this than by hiring professionals.

So, let's dive into how professionals can help you save effort, time and money when creating and executing a video marketing strategy.

Content Creation

The first step in creating your video marketing strategy is defining your video’s goals. Optimally you’d want to create videos for the audience at every stage of the marketing funnel. But, you’ll have to decide which phase is the most important to target. Practically, there are three stages through which a customer makes his journey and you must create video content for each of these three stages. These three stages are,

  • Awareness: In this stage, you have to define a problem for which you’re providing solutions and make the viewers realize they are facing this problem. In this content, advertising videos should garner the most attention and introduce your brand to a wide audience base.
  • Consideration: The viewer is now concerned about the problem. They're now willing to dig deeper, research online, watch product reviews and compare pros & cons, to try and find the most cost-effective solution. Here, you should emphasize the advantages of your product or service over the others and present them to the customer.
  • Decision: At this point, the buyer already gathered the details that could help them and is almost sure about the solution, so you want yours to be at the forefront of their minds. Now, it is the perfect time to present and highlight customer reviews, interviews, and social proof. At this stage, to convince them to make a purchase or choose your services should be the main goal of your video content.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

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Whether you produce the best videos for your customers, it really won’t matter if your video isn’t optimized for search engines. After all, the majority of online platforms where you upload videos, be it Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube, are highly congested. Therefore, only SEO best practices will help your video content to stay above others.

The search algorithms are constantly being updated and it’s hard to keep up with them. In this area, the skills of a professional shine. They always keep tabs on the important changes and trends in SEO strategies for video content which will help your videos get traction and drive more organic traffic and sales conversion.


A lot of brands make the mistake of thinking that any type of content will work so they just start making video content with only a little knowledge. However, for a successful video marketing strategy, it’s crucial to understand why and how your audiences will interact with your videos. So, extracting meaningful data metrics to your video performance is crucial yet a daunting task where professionals can help. They analyze all the metrics of your videos like impression, click-through rate, audience retention, and several other factors to create a report on what videos are working, why they are working, and what the watching pattern of your audience is. It will help you drive more sales and revenue in the long run.

Let’s Get in Touch With a Professional Agency!

Video marketing can be overwhelming at times, yes! But with the right people, practice, and patience, you can surely plan your video strategy, produce high-quality advertising videos and other video marketing content libraries for your brand.

A video marketing strategy is not only for those with millions and millions to spend on advertising videos and with large budgets. But, rather it's becoming more widespread, videos are getting more affordable too. In addition, with the growing prominence of social media platforms, video is now easy to distribute among your customers which makes it more enticing.

But as we’ve seen, it’s not as simple as hitting the record button. The key lies in developing the correct tone, design, and storytelling - while ensuring the delivery of quality, value-packed videos that helps your viewers truly connect with your brand.

This is why professionals are available to help. Having years of expertise and experience in hand, a professional video marketing agency knows what it takes to revamp your video marketing strategy. Get in touch with a professional now to know more about how they can assist you through the video production processes.