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How to get Local Clients for my Small Website Design Business?

As platforms such as Upwork and Fiverr get hot, it is extremely tough to push a service or a product, especially from the web design industry. With individuals competing for clients with your small business, particularly on the price quotient, running a website design company is going to be an uphill climb.

Andrew Johnson

Content Manager

13 Jan 2023

Not being the negative Nancy here. However, for small businesses, it is difficult to earn the trust of your local clients without having them taste the slice of the quality you serve with your website design services.

But hey! It is not impossible.

With calculated steps, branding agencies, who have just put their baby steps into the world of website design, can have a better edge over their competitors.

In this guide, we will talk about key strategies that can help you make the best out of your brand.

The Best of Social Media

Anyone who has attempted to offer a service previously is aware that customers buy from individuals they like, trust, and are familiar with. Because of this, your online reputation and personal brand are some of your strongest tools.

You can quickly establish an audience across various channels by sharing your knowledge, exhibiting your personality, and positioning as a source of authority on social media. You can then leverage your expanded network to draw in customers.

Social networking is a natural visual medium, so that helps. Social media networks can be used as a portfolio with personality by designers. Share your stunning work and utilize the captions to humanize yourself.


Facebook is a fantastic tool for reaching out to your close friends and family. Encourage customers to like and promote your company page with their network by creating a polished page that showcases your work. You never know; a colleague of a friend might be your first client. Also, you can target keywords such as web design services in Los Angeles directly on Facebook.


The ideal medium for a web developer is Instagram. The visual network will let you share your individuality (maybe some creative memes and use your own drawings?) and broaden your reach with a deliberate hashtag strategy while allowing you to build a sort of portfolio of your prior work.


A wonderful approach to be found by potential customers is through LinkedIn. Using keyword logic, LinkedIn is a platform that helps businesses locate talent for their projects. To make it simpler for people to find you, utilize crucial keywords like "Freelance Web Designer" in your content. Additionally, make sure your profile is current and has a few client testimonials and hyperlinks to any web pages or sales funnels you have previously developed (if possible). By often providing status updates and igniting conversations with the development community on LinkedIn, you may also develop a strong personal brand.

The secret to success, in this case, is ongoing interaction, regardless of the channels you select. Aim to post frequently (at least three to four times a week) and interact with those who share and comment on your content.

Attend Startup Meetups

When working as creative agencies, connecting in person is especially beneficial. Potential clients cease considering you just as one of the numerous internet freelancers and start trusting your skills once they see and speak to you in person.

A simple strategy to connect with your target market and begin establishing one-on-one connections with them is through networking. Getting your first client might sometimes be the key to releasing future growth. Through recommendations and glowing reviews, you can utilize them as a launching pad for further development. At a networking event, you might very well run across your very first client!

Attending regional Meetup meetings is a simple method to network in person. The majority are entirely free to attend. Target gatherings at which you are likely to find quality people.

Create Loads of Content and Give it for Free

You might not be aware of it, but you have technological insights and expertise that other people would pay a high price to get as a web designer. While creating a business card may come naturally to you, there are 1700 people who are interested in learning how to make it every month.

In the big scheme of things, blogging is a terrific way to get leads, but producing unique content and disseminating it on social media is a quicker approach to drawing in customers.

This may take the shape of an illustration that disintegrates a typical process into steps, an electronic copy that covers logo creation, or a podcast that instructs people on how to utilize apps like Canva.

Creating a blog that caters to your target audience is another strategy to advertise your material. Having an online home for all of your content is a benefit of starting a blog; it gives potential clients a convenient method to access your writing, work, and contact information.

To begin gathering your readers' emails, you can also add a straightforward newsletter. A personal newsletter sent out once a week or once a month is a terrific way to stay in touch with their network.

Have an Attractive Website Landing Page

When creating a website page or website, you, as a designer, are undoubtedly a perfectionist. Although your customers will value this quality, your top objective right now should be to quickly and beautifully develop a landing page.

One of the most important steps in collecting leads' contact information is promoting your landing page (i.e., potential clients). Using the project proposal form template from Paperform is an easy approach to launching your landing page. It's really simple to design a lovely and distinctive landing page and alter it to reflect your individual

Discover your Brand's Niche

Becoming an expert in a certain industry's web design is another approach to drawing customers.

You can more precisely focus your branding efforts by defining a specialization. For instance, you may create a more specific Instagram profile like "Freelance designer for MedTech Startups" rather than a generic "Freelance designer" page.

You'll be able to target your marketing and draw in more targeted viewers that are more likely to turn into paying clients.

Having a specialization is a quick method to stand out in a market with so much competition. Focusing on a particular niche has the added benefit of helping you quickly establish yourself as an authority in the field; you'll learn the lingo, observe how others in the field behave, and detect trends for the types of website designing that are most effective there.

These elements can assist you in increasing your prices because your target client will value your specialization more.

Spread the Word with Proposals and Repeat

People who like making proposals and those who don't are two different kinds of people.

No matter how you feel about them, proposals are an essential part of obtaining new clients for web design and may be a powerful selling tool, especially if you've had a wonderful chat with a client and you're trying to close the deal.

Proposals can also be used to introduce a new company to cold leads. Requests for Proposals (RFPs) are frequently published online by businesses, which gives your company the opportunity to submit bids on bigger projects, win more lucrative contracts, and gain more awareness.