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Developing An Super App In 2023 Complete guide to come up with unique app development idea

By Andrew Johnson • 19 November 2022

All the app ideas do not make success stories, but a few of them do make big ones. These grand success stories are powered by unique app ideas and robust execution. So, finding a great app idea is the stepping stone to your app success story.

Developing An Super App In 2023 Complete guide to come up with unique app development idea

Great app ideas can appear from several sources. Just by brainstorming, some developers can fall upon a unique idea out of the blue, while others can research a lot to figure out a winning app idea app developers UK happen to excel in both regards.

Below, we explain some top-notch ways to find unique app ideas that developers should pursue.

Get Your Ideas from the App Stores

With millions of apps representing all niches and categories, it will be more than just an adventure. Just by wandering around the app stores and fine-tuning your searches with different search terms and keywords, you can find clues to land upon great app ideas.

How deeper you can search and explore the various possibilities will play a key role here for finding the best app ideas for your cherished product. Go search out for ideas in your preferred categories and also across other categories to explore the possibilities.

Know User Needs & Pain Points

When you go deeper into the reviews of the apps, you can find pain points and needs that can give you solid ideas for future products. When a user says that most scoreboard apps do not list all the tournaments in such and such games, there’s an idea to build an app that goes deeper into listing more games and tournaments and their scoreboards.

The critical part is to find such ideas bordering on extension or value additions in coherence with your execution capabilities. Always compare possibilities based on your resources and existing capabilities.

Brainstorming a new idea

Most of the leading app ideas that are successful today have resulted from brainstorming possibilities and options. The brainstorming ideally begins by discussing with colleagues, fellow developers in other companies, friends, business acquaintances, and family members.

It is always great to reach out to family or friends or colleagues and get advice from them regarding the possibilities of a unique app that caters to their needs. Sometimes, just a regular folk can help you with insights that even experts with years of experience cannot.

Keep a watch on app funding

Great app ideas easily attract investors, so just checking out the app ideas that people and companies are receiving funds for execution can be a good source. All the app ideas that gained traction in crowdfunding platforms, other platforms, and competitions can give you good clues on the direction you need to follow.

You can just go to the investors' portfolio pages and compare their recent app investments. Just watch out for the typical problem statements of these apps and the disruptive or futuristic technologies these apps use.

Look out for unique app ideas on Social Media

Social media platforms also offer an excellent resource for getting unique app ideas. Many users take their opinions and suggestions to social media platforms and openly express their requirements and frustrations with the existing apps.

From these opinions and suggestions, you can quickly identify several unique problems that can be the basis of future app ideas. You can also strike up a conversation and ask people of the type of solutions they are looking for.

Always challenge preconceptions

When searching for unique app ideas, a common and widely committed problem is not challenging our preconceived notions and assumptions. Instead of going by your assumptions or the notions that you already have, remain open to new viewpoints and perspectives that your research and reach-out initiatives offer.

To make a decent beginning, always figure out the kind of mobile app you aspire to develop. Follow this conception with a question mark on the reason behind building such an app and your reseat for the project's success potential. You need to evaluate every app idea through a comprehensive SWOT analysis before being convinced about its potential.

Make an analysis of the market potential

As soon as the merit of the app idea is before you, it would help if you analyzed the market fitness and potential of the same. You need to compare the features and value propositions with the apps in the market, consider how the app will generate revenues, and analyze the befitting monetization models.

To evaluate the app’s market fitness and potential, you need to rely on some crucial matrix related to the app’s growth path in the respective niche and possible monetization outcomes. Research all the leading competitor apps in the market and find their features and the monetization model they rely upon. Always try to figure out the features others are not using despite great demands. Lastly, figure out the best monetization model most successful with the particular app niche.

Over To You 

Now that we have explained a clear path for finding great app ideas for your app projects, it is advisable to forsake the so-called one-app-for-all solution. Too many features and value propositions ultimately will confuse what you are trying to achieve with the app product. Concentrating on the key value proposition with a few unique features and capabilities is always advisable.

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