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Being a versatile, engaging, and easy-to-digest format, video marketing content and advertising videos reign supreme in today’s digital age. Not only does video for advertising provide viewers with real-life pictures of your brand but also it keeps them entertained and engaged for a significant amount of time.

Role of Customer Satisfaction in Business Marketing

Andrew Johnson23 Dec 2022
Business marketing is incomplete without customer satisfaction. Marketing is a complete business package as it creates awareness, pursues users to convert, attracts customers, and creates a trustworthy liaison with them. There is a common quote, "It takes months to find a customer but seconds to lose."
The business suffers when there is a communication breakdown due to outdated methods, siloed departments, or any other obstacle. Although the silo effect is more commonly associated with issues on the company's end, it can also apply to communication gaps between the brand and its potential customers.
Public demand has healthcare workers operating facilities around the clock a lot more than usual. Due to the onslaught of procedures brought about by the extremities of the pandemic, it’s hardly surprising that health workers become overwhelmed with processing the workload of respective patients.

Top Ten Benefits of Video Marketing For SMBs

Andrew Johnson18 Nov 2022
Video Content is the most consumed content currently. Research suggests that people are more likely to buy products after watching a video about them. Video marketing also increases ROI and conversion rate.
Software Development

The Complete Guide To Conducting Market Research For Mobile Apps

Karthik Sakthivel26 Oct 2022
There are various methods of conducting market research for mobile apps. This guide will let you perceive knowledge on the same!