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10 React Developer Tools to Make Your Software Development Easy

React framework is one of the most popular frameworks, and most developers prefer it because of the features it offers. React reduces the time to market, and the applications developed by the framework are SEO friendly.

Andrew Johnson

Content Manager

19 Nov 2022

Moreover, it enjoys better code stability and an amazing user community. It supports developers of all skills and competencies. However, the digital world keeps growing, and there is demand for new apps and tools.

React developer tools are a priceless asset in the powerful toolkit of the framework. A React Development Company or React developers can utilize these resources and tools to create more scalable web and mobile applications.

What are React developer tools?

React tools are a collection of extensions of frameworks, libraries, debuggers, and code generators. The tools are aimed at simplifying the development cycle.

Additionally, the design tools play a significant role in the whole development cycle. It helps in developing, testing, maintaining, and launching different web applications and mobile applications.

  1. You can build user interfaces in the React ecosystem.
  2. With the help of the tools, businesses can access cleaner and stable codes, which are devoid of redundancy or bloating.
  3. By using the right tools, developers will be able to increase the value and performance of the apps.

Reasons you need React developer tools:

  1. The tools help to accelerate and streamline the end development process, which helps the developers to write codes faster.
  2. It allows complete inspection and debugging of the applications as a whole or a single element.
  3. The tools help test and monitor the component states and changes without affecting the other components.
  4. It helps inspects states, props, and hooks that identify the components more likely to create issues in the process.
  5. The tools enable effortless scrutiny of the root React components rendered on the page.
  6. It employs detailed profiling, which detects the performance and highlights them.

React developer tools can add value to your project, so it is essential to know about the top tools to make your Software Development Easy:

1. Storybook

Storybook is the most popular React tool that works as a playground and IDE to create and test the UI components. It combines simple components to create interactive UI frameworks that focuses on logic delinking the style.

Features of Storybook:

  1. It helps render different components that replicate hard-to-reach cases.
  2. It provides a single universal sandbox to develop UIs.
  3. It provides complete UI documentation focusing on tracking, searchability, and reusability.
  4. It comes with performance measurement and real-time publication.
  5. It helps in spot testing, interaction testing, unit testing, and accessibility testing.
  6. It generates a series of stores that denotes the component behavior.

2. Reactide

Reactide is the first integrated development environment that enjoys one-of-a-kind popularity in the developer community.

The popularity of the tool can be attributed to the fact that it is completely platform-independent. Plus, it relies on a visual editing feature that provides efficiency and works with an interactive and responsive graphical user interface.

Features of Reactide:

  1. It comes with a hot module reloading that offers quick previews.
  2. The tool features a high-level component visualization that navigates the app architecture.
  3. It offers compatible terminals for different commands and workflows.
  4. It features structured and different optimized configurations, which boost the performance of the apps.
  5. It offers an integrated node server and customized browser simulator for an extendible developer environment.

3. React Cosmos

React Cosmos is an ideal wireframe tool created with the intent to support end-to-end react development. It helps to analyze different components and allows the developers to render them against the prop or state. The best feature of the tool is that it can visualize the application changes in real time.

Features of React Cosmos:

  1. It features shareable UIs that are made using reusable components.
  2. It offers visual test-driven development that allows quick prototyping and iteration.
  3. The tool comes with a rich component library that helps to stay organized.
  4. The isolation feature of the tool helps developers maintain quality.

4. Bit

Bit is an open-source React developer tool that helps to build and distribute the react components. The feature is backed by a command line interface feature on Bit. Plus, it allows seamless publishing and distribution of components while allowing the developers to seek third-party components.

Features of Bit:

  1. Bit is easier to integrate and extend, which provides flexibility to new developers.
  2. It helps to facilitate distributed development process by simplifying component discovery and organization.
  3. The tool helps transform monolithic applications into more compatible and manageable forms.
  4. The tool helps in the complete CI and CD cycle.
  5. The component-led development helps to make the apps reusable, consistent, and maintainable.

5. Evergreen

Evergreen is an enterprise-grade react component tool developed and maintained by segments. It is perfect for aesthetic projects or ones that focus on UI. It helps in the construction of frameworks that work for current and future designs, which is the reason it does not come with preset components.

Features of Evergreen:

  1. Evergreen has built sensible default that can be personalized with expressive API.
  2. It comes loaded with the best components that offer great results.
  3. It features detailed and insightful documentation that is contributor free.
  4. As it is built on React primitive sets, it offers complete composability.
  5. It utilizes a separate UI design dedicated to web apps.

6. React Proto

The React Proto tool empowers developers to create application architecture from scratch - using visual elements. It supports the development cycle by supplying all the app files.

Plus, it maps the process into a visual design form. Developers can use the tool to manipulate states and props through drag-and-drop features.

Features of React Proto:

  1. React Proto offers visualized application architecture. It helps to make the apps more dynamic.
  2. The tool provides intuitive and quick prototyping with an intuitive graphical component modification interface.
  3. It helps to define the props in a simplified way.
  4. It becomes easy to specify the component hierarchy with the tool.

7. Rekit

Rekit is a popular tool that can create scalable and modern digital applications. It is the most used tool used by developers. The tool extension comprises Redux, React, and React-router to increase the developer's skill. Moreover, it supports two primary modules - IDE and Rekit studio.

Features of Rekit:

  1. Rekit works on the deployment of codes in an opinionated manner.
  2. It is an all-in-one tool that supports Redux, React, and React-router.
  3. It helps to decouple the business logic from different patterns, configurations, and component libraries.
  4. The tool comes with a dedicated IDE, Rekit development, and Rekit studio.
  5. It works on a feature-orientated architecture that follows single action for each file to make the design more scalable and maintainable.

8. Create React App

Developers can create single-page applications using the tool. Plus, it is conceptualized by Facebook and uses a single command line setup. Moreover, it helps create a new react project by bypassing the need to support modules and build infrastructure.

Features of Create React App:

  1. It helps in the auto-optimization of bundles during load times.
  2. The tool helps instant reloads to minimize learning time and priority development.
  3. It offers local development servers.
  4. There is no lock-in, as developers can access the advanced configurations.
  5. It comes with a single dependency feature, which eliminates version mismatching.

9. React Styleguidist

React Styleguidist is the best react tool for creating and managing standalone components. It comes with an immersive set of layout that displays the app's UI on one side and matching code on the other side.

Features of React Styleguidist:

  1. It allows the developers to focus on a single component.
  2. The tool acts as an interactive playground that visualizes how different elements and components react to data and props.
  3. The hot reloading feature grants component visibility in record times.
  4. It comes with an auto-generated usage library and a centralized component for seamless sharing.

10. React Sight

React Sight is a vital tool that converts the app into a flow chart. The live component hierarchy feature grants a high-level view and doubles up as a react debug tool. With the tool, developers can have a birds-eye view.

Features of React Sight:

  1. React sight is compatible with all the major react libraries like - React router, React redux, and Fiber.
  2. The tool is easy to set up and learn and doesn't require added effort.
  3. It features a lightweight build that supercharges the site and apps.
  4. React sight features a built-in feature that can make elements visible or hide them.
  5. The tool's free time display feature shows how the app works without distractions.
  6. It features to be one of the best React performance tools.


Now you know about all the popular React development tools, it's time to analyze which one will suit your project. Through the process of setting up the tools look simple, it is certainly not.

Setting up and working with the tools will take time. To make things easier - you can hire an experienced developer or React Development Company. You will get the expertise to leverage skills in picking up the right developer tool.