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Seraro LLC

The Intelligent Experiences Company

We are Seraro, award-winning experience design and engineering studio crafted to help you put your customers first.

With our customer base spread across 5 continents, we have unlocked a few highly coveted secrets about human expectations and how these expectations impact the business. And we have had a lot of fun putting these findings into practice since our inception back in 2006. That’s the long and short of who we are. Stay with us if you like where this story is going.

At Seraro we design and engineer digital platforms to deliver customer first human experiences. Experiences that customer will remember, display your brand with pride and vastly improve your key business metrics

Thousands of friction points in the human journey plague hundreds of day-to-day business processes across all industries. While there’s no dearth of companies trying to discover the next big thing in ecommerce, customer experiences design, the list of teams using these technologies to solve human pain-points is quite small. We want to see that list grow. That’s why we have volunteered and added our name to it.

Seraro is the partner of Orocommerce, leading B2B ecommmerce provider & Workarea, leading B2C ecommerce platform besides being partners to AWS & MariaDB.

Our human-centric approach lets us think from multiple perspectives to work towards a common goal. A unique combination of research, design, and technical expertise helps us deliver experiences that connect with people. With Seraro, you can build a globally recognizable and reliable brand, creating a stronger bond with your audience. Leverage our 12+ years of experience along with future-forward insights to create intuitive experiences that exceed expectations.

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