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We are Digital Alchemists!

PopcornApps is a Systems Integrator focused on Enterprise Mobile and Cloud based enterprise applcations.

We build customer and employee focused solutions that span channel, function, product, and service in this always-on, connected world.

Our services span building solutions based on, building Enterprise Mobile apps and transform how businesses engage and manage customers, partners, products, and employees.

Our solutions and work on technologies has gained accolades from our cusotmers. Currently, we have developed an industry game changer solution - Flash - which automates conversion from Salesforce Classic to Lightning thereby saving our cusomers time and money.

We have been partnering with Microsoft on serveral strategic solutions and have deployed innovative employee and cusotmer facing applications that leverage AI, Chatbots and Congnitive services.

Our commercial models show our 'skin in the game' and highlight our commitment to our customers.

Company Main Info

$100 - $149 / hr
250 - 999
United States; India; United Kingdom; Singapore