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Custom Hardware & Software Development Company

Integra found its professional path specializing in the sphere of IoT and creates both electronics and software solutions. Since we strongly believe that the world network is created to serve humanity the developers can find thousands and thousands of solutions in industrial systems and consumer devices. Our engineering team gained huge experience in IoT development managing such projects as “AWS Solar Manager”, “Home Control System”, “IoT Development System” for an enterprise and others. 

Our qualified engineers can see the whole picture of a working system and divide it into subsystems. That’s why we can make PCB layout and develop a custom board from scratch with all the required components and write a workable software in C/C++, Java, Swift, Python, and other languages. Our team adores the process of creating the whole system from its “basement”, step by step, like an architect or a construction worker builds a skyscraper. 

Also, the company of Integra predicts a great future for the development of wearable devices. Here we are aimed at making daily used things smaller and smarter for it makes human life more convenient, saves time and even take care of health. This is just about our “Medical Alert Bracelet” and “Wearable ECG Device” projects. 

Many companies have already trusted us their project development and achieved the best solutions ever. Why don’t you experience the same?

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