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Finsquared, Inc.

Finsquared, Inc.

Finsquared - PR Outside the Box

Finsquared has developed a new paradigm. We get you in The Wall Street Journal, or any number of influential publications, and we measurably build your business by a number of metrics.

We combine media relations, content marketing, and social media for full impact. We have created and managed full-scale public relations programs for start-up Fintech innovators and some of the largest brokerage, mutual fund, ETF, and asset management companies in the business.

Want to lead your industry, grow assets, build stature and authority? Our B2B PR programs are designed for immediate results and long-term impact.

We understand and capitalize on the new era of public relations that demands a multi-disciplinary approach to be successful.

Company Main Info

$150 - $199 / hr
2 - 9
United States