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AGPR (formerly AlexanderG Public Relations, LLC)

Kansas City's Finest PR/Marketing Firm

Strategic. Nimble. Smart. When you partner with AGPR/AlexanderG, you benefit from an experienced team that will help you connect with the media, your customers, employees and other stakeholders you need to succeed.

We support CEOs, university presidents, non-profit executives and other corporate leaders as their organizations prosper and expand. We have the judgment and experience to guide you through a rapidly emerging crisis. Our team will understand your business as our background includes work in diverse fields, including healthcare, higher education, financial services, manufacturing, broadcasting and more.

Certainly, we’re a public relations company, but many of our clients have come to view us as valued members of their management team. Our experience extends beyond “PR” into strategic planning, marketing, sales, and internal communications.

Another strength is our work in social media and content marketing. We specialize in strategic planning, brand development, and management, raising awareness through word of mouth, mobile marketing and the effective use of emerging media.

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